ILF Action

ILF Action

The Independent Living Fund (ILF) is a central government fund. The ILF has meant many Disabled people living, working and studying in their own homes and communities – not in residential institutions. The ILF has a better satisfaction rate, and is far more cost effective, than most social care services run by local authorities or councils.

However, as part of the government’s welfare reforms, the ILF will close in England in June 2015. Despite a long campaign and legal challenges by Disabled people, responsibility will now be transferred from central government to local authorities. Although there are huge cuts to ​their ​funding, the government have agreed to ​give local authorities less than 9 months worth of ILF money. Local authorities do not have to ‘ring-fence’ this money​, ​which means that some might use this funding to support Disabled people​ – ​but some might not.

ILF Action is a grass roots campaign group who will be monitoring the transfer of the ILF over to local authorities and the impact this may have upon Disabled people, their families and employees.

Following a freedom of information requests made in early 2015; we have had responses from most local authorities stating their intentions, and we want to ensure these are followed through. We also want to share information and make sure that the real story of the ILF is told.​

​If you, or anyone you know, are affected by the closure of the ILF, we would like to hear from you, good or bad.

We're NOT all in this together: the story of the closure of the Independent Living Fund

Defend disabled people's right to independent living