ILF Lobby 24th June

ILF Lobby 24th June

ILF poster - No ILF No Life
No ILF No Life

At the national meeting last week it was agreed to hold an Independent Living Fund lobby of Parliament on 24th June.

A number of people have since drawn attention to a different and well organised lobby already planned for that day (see below).

The number of organisations and extent of activity involved in the national climate change day of action will make it difficult for us to get into Parliament and speak to our MPs so the suggestion is to move the lobby back to the 24th June. This will be one week before closure and is also the day that Ros at the Mirror is planning to do a column. There will also be a lobby in the House of Lords that afternoon about academic research connected to the ILF.

We need to get a call out advertising the lobby out as soon as possible.

I would be very grateful if people could respond on the question of the date before 2pm tomorrow so we can let everyone know.

The reason you are receiving this email is because you asked to be involved in planning the lobby.


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